How to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

Happy National Book Lovers Day! Today is our day fellow bookworms, where take the time to celebrate the love of reading and the printed word. If you are thinking of some wonderful ways to help commemorate this wonderful day, here are some that will make you appreciate the written word even more:

Reading Books About Books

I love reading books that celebrate the importance and joys of reading. So why not celebrate the love and devotion of this pleasurable activity by reading books about books?! Here are some titles (but of course you are not limited to these) that are a perfect way for you to begin:

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Support Your Local Library

Public libraries need the public’s help now more than ever. So with things starting to opening up, visiting your public library is another great way to celebrate National Book Lovers Day. Remember, you can borrow books for free! And it doesn’t stop at print books. You can also borrow e-books and e-audiobooks! If you want to see if your local library has a particular title, I suggest using WorldCat, a great universal catalog of over 2 billion items cataloged in libraries across the world.

Shop (and Support) Local Bookstores

Just as public libraries have suffered during the pandemic, the same goes with bookstores. If you have shopped through websites that support indie bookstores, like Bookshop.org and IndieBound.org, today is the perfect opportunity to shop through these sites. Have an Audible subscription? Switch it out for a Libro.Fm subscription, a service that supports an indie bookstore of your choice!

Remember to check out my bookshop on Bookshop.org

Dive into the Classics

Show your appreciation for literature by returning back to the classics! Remember you can access the classics for FREE by downloading classics on Project Gutenberg and audiobooks on LibriVox. Don’t know which classic novel to start with? Make sure to check out the many recommendations that I mentioned in previous blog posts:

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