Author Talk with YA Author C.B. Lee

Are you a fan of bestselling author, C.B. Lee or just fan of YA fiction? Then you don’t want to miss this author talk happening this Wednesday, August 4 at 3 PM.

Join the Bronx Anti-Prom in a discussion with CB Lee, author of the Sidekick Squad Series about superpowered teens leading a resistance against corrupted heroes! We will primarily be discussing the first book, Not Your Sidekick, about Jess, daughter of superheroes, getting a paid internship with a supervillain.  The upside is Jess getting to work with her crush, Abby; the downside is discovering a dangerous plot larger than heroes and villains altogether.

This program is part of the 2021 Bronx Anti-Prom Virtual Programs. The New York Public Library’s Anti-Prom provides an alternative, safe space for teens regardless of your sexuality, gender identity, the way you dress, or any other reason. The theme for this year’s Bronx Anti-Prom is “New Beginnings”, a hopeful outlook into the future ahead after a difficult year.  Go HERE for more programs!

Register here for this exciting program!

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