Best Female Literary Detectives to Read

Move over Sherlock! Female literary detectives are making their mark in the mystery genre. With their tenacity and dedication to finding out the truth, these are ladies that should not be count out because of their gender and they definitely should be on the same pedestal as their male counterparts.

So as we conclude Women’s History Month, let’s remember the female literary detectives that have made their mark on a lot of readers’ heart and continue to do so for future generations. Since mystery is one of my favorite genres, I think I compiled great collection of female detectives that will be a joy for any reader:

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is the reason why I fell in love with the mystery genre so of course she would be at the top of my list. Her intelligence, determination and perseverance is what I admired when I read stories about her when I was young. If you are looking for the best of the best of teen detectives, you can’t go wrong with the classic Nancy Drew.

Miss Marple

Don’t count this little old lady out. Miss Marple may fly under the radar for the formal but stodgy police inspectors but the nothing goes pass Miss Marple. People’s false impressions allow her to catch things that is missed by everyone else and manages to blindside everyone when she has the mystery all wrapped up! Definitely want Miss Marple on my side.

Phyrne Fisher

If you are looking for your typical female detective, then Phyrne Fisher definitely does not fit the bill. Phryne shoots, drives, flies and is in no way ready to settle down. Unusual for a woman in the 1920s. She is bored with the life of high society, so she decides to make a career as a private detective. Her dominant unladylike personality may be annoying to others but it is what makes her great detective in my book!

Mma Precious Ramotswe

For Botswana’s only female detective, Precious Ramotswe doesn’t get the attention that she rightly deserves. What I find fascinating about her is that she is a self-taught amateur sleuth. She has an old-fashioned personality but the people in her community look to her for help and guidance. Her cases deal with domestic violence, family disputes and low level incidents, not as serious compared to the other detectives on this list. However, Precious’ patient and friendly attitude is what people look for in a detective and comes in handy when solving those tricky cases.

Pippa (Pip) Fitz-Amobi

Meet the Nancy Drew for the 21st century! Pippa’s detective cap may have started over a school project but her perseverance to discover the truth is endearing and exciting to read. But as much as she strives for the truth, she never let it stop her from caring for those around her, making her a detective with a human heart and compassion. Always a rare treat to find that in a detective.

Goldie Vance

Here is another teen detective that will be great read for Nancy Drew fans. Goldie Vance has spunk and pizazz and her determination can get her into trouble but she always gets her man (or woman). Her strong deducting skills definitely puts her in the teenage detective hall of fame.

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