Introducing StoryGraph and 2021 Reading Challenges!

Calling all book lovers! Are you tired of using Goodreads or want to receive more accurate data on your reading habits? Then let me introduce you to a website that is a like a dream come true for us: StoryGraph.

On the StoryGraph launch page, you are immediately introduced to your To-Read pile and and recommendations based on the preferences you place in. You can, of course, add what you are currently reading and a feature that started this week, you can now track the progress of your reading.

Now here is the best part. Based on your shelf, StoryGraph breaks down the moods, genres, pace, lengths, and ratings of your books. It also gives you an opportunity to record how many times you have reread books. Such as in 2020, I gravitated more fiction books that are lighthearted, mysterious, and reflective and I typically chose fast-paced books that are <300 pages long.

And during the selected reading year, you get to see what genre what you read the most.

And the pièce de résistance, StoryGraph provides this amazing nifty statistics graph that shows the books you read and pages and the speed of it throughout the year. As you can see here, my reading picked up in April (when lockdown/quarantine was at it’s peak) but then it dropped drastically in October (when I returned to work).

Now the rest is up to you! Sign up and discover these amazing features for yourself. Once you sign up you can import your Goodreads library to StoryGraph. But it is recommended you only do it once. If you do it multiple times, you risk introducing book and review duplicates to your StoryGraph account.

And now on to the reading challenges…

Are you trying to read more this year? Try Cup of Tea’s Reading Challenge 2021 that will not only introduce you to new books and genres but help you tackle your TBR pile. This year I created the challenge on StoryGraph, where you can view the challenge prompts and add books that will help you complete the challenge.

  1. A biography on someone who is still living 
  2.  A book by an author who is of different race, ethnicity, religion than your own
  3. A book that can be finished in a day 
  4. A retelling of a classic book 
  5. A book that was translated 
  6. A book that has 500 or more pages 
  7. A Debut Novel 
  8. A Book That’s On Your TBR shelf for More Than 5 years 
  9. A book written by a female author writing under a male pseudonym 
  10. A lesser known work by a popular author 
  11. Read a book of poetry 
  12. Read a novel in verse 
  13. Read a middle grade mystery 
  14. Read a genre novel by an Indigenous, First Nations, or Native American author 
  15. Read a book with a protagonist that has a disability 
  16. Book about mental health (fiction/nonfiction) 
  17. Read a historical fiction with a POC or LGBTQ+ protagonist 
  18. An epistolary novel (a story told through letters) 
  19. A book featuring an amateur detective 
  20. A book about a family 
  21. A book with a name in the title 
  22. A book of mythology or folklore 
  23. Own Voices Books Published in a Country Different From Your Home Country
  24. A book that recently been nominated or won an award 
  25. Read a Nonfiction Book about Nature/Environment 
  26. Read a nonfiction book About Books 
  27. Read a children’s nonfiction book
  28. A memoir 
  29. A nonfiction about a subject you want to know more about 
  30. A book outside your comfort zone 

I also want to read more classics in 2021 so why not make a challenge for classic books! I also put the challenge prompts on StoryGraph:

  1. Read a classic over 500 pages 
  2. Read a classic ghost story 
  3. A classic that was banned or censored 
  4. A classic written by a POC author 
  5. A classic with a POC character (main or supporting) 
  6. New-to-you classic by a favorite author 
  7. A classic anthology of poetry and/or short stories 
  8. A book translated from a foreign language
  9. A book from an anonymous author 
  10. A classic nonfiction book 
  11. A Virago Modern Classic
  12. Welsh Women’s Classics 
  13. Irish Classic 
  14. Japanese Classic 
  15. Read a modern classic 
  16. British Library Crime Classics 
  17. Spanish Classic Novel 
  18. Read a classic that takes place in a country other than where you live 
  19. A classic by an author new to you
  20. A humorous or satirical classic.

Join in on the Challenge and Sign up Today!

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