Gift Books for the Book Lover in Your Life

The bookworm in your life will be happy with an interesting book as a holiday gift. But trying to find that special book that will wow them can be a hard task. Don’t fret! With 14 shopping days left, there is still time to find that amazing book to give to your favorite bookworm!

I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life by Anne Bogel


A delightful book that reflects the joys of reading and why reading is way more than just a hobby.


Women Who Write Are Dangerous by Stefan Bollmann


An informative book that presents portraits of fearless women writers of the past and present.


Women Who Read Are Dangerous by Stefan Bollmann


A compelling selection of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs of women reading through the ages. Artists have long sought to capture the intimacy and tranquillity of reading in their work. (Credit: Merrell Publishers)


Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany by Jane Mount


What is called the “ultimate gift for book lovers”, this unique book is a love letter to all bookish things! Not only does it contain beautiful artwork, this treasure is a great source of all things book related!

Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores: True Tales and Lost Moments from Book Buyers, Booksellers, and Book Lovers by Bob Eckstein


In The NY Times bestseller Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores, beloved New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein has gathered the greatest untold stories from a seventy-five of the world s most renowned bookstores (both past and present) and paired them with evocative color illustrations of each shop. Here is a portrait of our lifelong love affair with bookstores that is at once heartfelt, bittersweet, and filled with good cheer. (Credit: Clarkson Potter)


The Penguin Classics Book by Henry Eliot


Shortlisted for Waterstones 2018 Book of the YearWaterstones’ booksellers call this book “an essential for every book lover”. If you know a book lover who loves classic literature, give them a book that proudly describes the largest library of classic literature in the world. Readers will find suggestions and recommendations that will inspire new reading choices, as well as new insights into old favorites.


Baking With Kafka by Tom Gauld


I read this last year and I found it hilarious! The Guardian cartoonist, Tom Gauld, takes literary themes and places them in humorous cartoons, drawings that will tickle any book lovers’ funny bone.


Book Towns: Forty Five Paradises of the Printed Word by Alex Johnson


You may not have the resources to visit the best book towns of the world, but you can still go through book lover paradise with this great book. This richly illustrated book gives readers a tour of 40 semi-officially recognized literary towns, with background history and travel advice.

The Library Book by Susan Orlean 


Weaving her lifelong love of books and reading into an investigation of the fire, award-winning New Yorker reporter and New York Times bestselling author Susan Orlean delivers a mesmerizing and uniquely compelling book that manages to tell the broader story of libraries and librarians in a way that has never been done before. (Credit: Simon & Schuster)

The Great American Read: The Book of Books: Explore America’s 100 Best-Loved Novels by Jessica Allen


PBS’s The Great American Read might be over but you and your friends can relive the magic of the series with this great book! This edition presents all the 100 books that were lucky to make the cut, with fascinating information about each book, as well as other little known facts. A true book lover would definitely love this one!


Literary Landscapes: Charting the Worlds of Classic Literature by John Sutherland


Some stories couldn’t happen just anywhere. As is the case with all great literature, the setting, scenery, and landscape are as central to the tale as any character, and just as easily recognized. LITERARY LANDSCAPES brings together more than 50 literary worlds and examines how their description is intrinsic to the stories that unfold within their borders. (Credit: Black Dog & Leventhal)

The Writer’s Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands by Huw Lewis-Jones 


Amid a cornucopia of 167 full-color images, we find here maps of the world as envisaged in medieval times, as well as maps of adventure, sci-fi and fantasy, nursery rhymes, literary classics, and collectible comics. An enchanting visual and verbal journey, The Writer’s Map will be irresistible for lovers of maps, literature, and memories—and anyone prone to flights of the imagination. (Credit: University of Chicago Press)

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: A Book-To-Table Classic by Jane Austen and  Martha Stewart


This one is an absolute must for both book lovers and Jane Austen fans! This book is part of the book to table reading experience by Puffin books. Your favorite book combined with great tasty recipes…what more can you ask for!


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