Save Tea & Sympathy!

I normally don’t advocate for private businesses on my blog. However, this is one business that holds a special place in my heart.

When I returned from my first visit to England, I quickly fell in love with British culture. I was a hardcore anglophile. But I knew I was a long way from finding anything remotely British in NYC. Imagine my surprise when a friend of mine discovered a quaint little restaurant in Greenwich Village, Tea & Sympathy. It was more than just a tea shop. This restaurant serves British food favorites and delicacies that range from Welsh Rarebit to chicken pot pie. The afternoon and cream teas are an added bonus to end your meal and make you feel like you are in the UK.

On my first visit, I immediately fell in love with this place. Although it is a trek for me (I live in the Bronx and the Tea & Sympathy is located in Manhattan) I make the journey and I try to go there at least once a month. I consider it to be my home away from home. For me, it is so peaceful here. It gives me a chance to unwind, a chance to stop and take in the moment. Whether you’re reading a book with a nice meal and cup of tea or socializing with friends, Tea & Sympathy gives you that unique taste of British culture in the heart of an American city. There are not many restaurants like it in New York.

Unfortunately, after 28 years, this beloved gem is at risk of closing. High rent costs, of course, are the cause of their current dilemma. Nicky Perry, the owner, created a GoFundMe page to help keep her the restaurant and the two other businesses next door open. With a goal of $100,000, the money will be used to help keep the businesses afloat and maintain payments of the $28,000 monthly rent. As of right now, the fundraiser has raised $23,770.

A lot of the restaurants in New York are either chains with generic food or overpriced restaurants with expensive food. Unique restaurants like Tea & Sympathy are a dime a dozen. They keep disappearing and are being pushed out in favor of tenants that are willing to pay higher costs.

So this is a plea for those who live in NYC. We are already losing so much in this city that this restaurant should not be another casualty to greedy developers and corporations. Let us try to keep this notable treasure alive.


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I was born and raised in New York. I still live in New York but kind of sick of the city and one day I wish to move to the UK.I have a Masters degree in Library Science and I currently work in a special collections library. I loved books ever since I was a little girl. Through the hard times in my life, my love for books has always gotten me through. Just entering another world different from my own intrigues me. As long as I am entering in another universe, I like to create my own as well. I love to write and hopefully I will be able to complete a novel.

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