Poem: Still Not Enough

You praise my creativity

Youu applaud my intelligence

My strenght rises

My work iin high esteem

But a number you want

High numbers

Rushing and trying

“You see! Theyre doing it!”

Nothing I do

Appears to be good enough

I want to rest, need to relax

But you say, “Still not enough”

So I work and I work

Work to the bone

I bring all you ask

Good, Better, Best

Never let me rest

You take me granted

Expect me to be always around

“Always the dependable one” you say

“Never let’s us down”

“But still not enough”

So I work with all I have

Until there is nothing left

The burnout extinguish

The little that remained

My body, a bag of bones

My soul, an unseen mist in the air

My tombstone was creative

THe plot was picked intelligently

Amazed at my strength lasting this long

My good works

Still in high esteem

But as the body returns to the earth

The solemn air won’t prevent

Still saying those last words

“Still not enough”


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