Poem: The Grief

Salty waters wash over me

My eyes beam red as the sun

My heart constraint in chains

Not even one beat cuts through its clasp

The pain overwhelms my soul




All actions that will not suffice

Crawling into a hole

Withering and being alone

The only comfort that I have

My sustenance

I close my eyes and I can see you here

Your warm touch and brightening smile

All I need to feel calm

The darkness brings me closer to your light

While my opened eyes brings me closer to my pain

My grief controls me

Warmth into my heart  will make it better

Lies that are told to my soul

How can happiness win?

The light that brightened my soul

Extinguished forever

All I have left

The chains bear down heavy my soul

Bringing me deeper and deeper

To that dark pool of water

Drowning in the abyss

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