Muslim Superhero To Be Added To Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kamala Khan may be heading to a big screen near you!

Marvel Studios Kevin Feige dropped hints recently in an interview that plans are in the works to introduce Ms. Marvel, or Kamala Khan to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If this becomes a reality, Ms. Marvel  would be the first Muslim superhero portrayed on the big screen. 

In interview he had with the BBC, Feige stated:

“We’re doing ‘Captain Marvel’ right now, ‘Captain Marvel’ is shooting right now with Brie Larson…Ms. Marvel, which is another character in the comic books — the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel — is definitely sort of in the works. We have plans for that once we introduce Captain Marvel to the world.”

If you do not know, Ms. Marvel was introduced to Marvel Comics in 2013 and her popularity has grown. She stars in her own award-winning series and temporarily joined the Avengers. The introduction of Ms. Marvel was such impact due to her being part of a younger generation and the diversity she brought to the mix. There is a call to bring more diverse characters to the big screen due to the huge success of the other Marvel film Black Panther.

If you have not read the Ms. Marvel series, I highly suggest you do so. They are an entertaining superhero series that manages to make relevant connections to everyday life. If you like to add the series to your TBR, you can find all the recent books here.

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