Friday Debate: Extending Library Hours

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Welcome to Friday Debate, a feature on cup of tea with that book, please, where every Friday a question will be posted that tantalize the brain and expands our horizons. For this week’s question:

As National Library Week comes to a close, we took this time to appreciate all the things libraries has done for us personally and in our communities. While neighborhoods and communities are facing cuts in funding for their local libraries, there are others who have seen increases, which means more money spent on books, infrastructure, programming and the extension of operation hours.

It is a wonderful thing that public are able to stay open longer to serve the public more. However, there are some cases where I think libraries urge to serve the public may have gone a little too far. In some library systems, for example the library system I work for, have branches opened 9 AM-10 PM or 8 AM-11 PM. These hours  may be beneficial to some, but it hurts the library staff the most. We are here to serve the public, but when it starts affecting our personal and family.

We are being told that these are the type of hours the public wants but I want to get a real reaction from people who actively use libraries. So that is why I am posting these two questions:

Please post any comments you have below.


2 thoughts on “Friday Debate: Extending Library Hours

  1. Libraries should think about stagger hours. I know my local library is much busier in the late afternoon. A library can only serve the public if it’s open when the public needs it

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