Poetry in America to Air on Public Television

Just in time for National Poetry Month!

Beginning in early April, Poetry in America produced a 12-part television series that will air on public television stations nationwide (check local listings since some stations will air the series at different times):

Poetry in America gathers distinguished interpreters from all walks of life to explore and debate 12 unforgettable American poems. Athletes, poets, politicians, musicians, architects, scientists, actors, entrepreneurs, and citizens of all ages join together with host and Harvard professor Elisa New to experience and share the power of poetry. Visually dazzling and archivally rich, each episode of the series is aligned and extended with digital resources for the classroom, book group, and home collection.
Directed by Professor Elisa New of Harvard University (and produced by her independent production company, Verse Video Education) and presented by WGBH Boston (America’s preeminent public broadcaster and the largest producer of PBS content for TV and the Web), the series includes an accompanying PBS LearningMedia collection.
Poetry in America is multi-platform initiative that was created by Harvard professor, Elisa New. It is a literary initiative that brings poetry into classrooms and living rooms around the world.
To find out more information about the series, please visit their website. You can also view their trailer here.

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