Bookshop Holiday Experience for Bookworms

Credit: Airbnb


Calling on all book lovers!

Have you ever wanted to run a bookstore? A bookstore in Scotland gives you that opportunity!

The Open Book is located in Wigtown, Scotland, which is considered to be a beautiful and blissful environment. However, the bookshop uncovers a hidden treasure: upstairs is a studio apartment, which is rented out on Airbnb for about £35 ($50) a night!

You are thinking right now “This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” Well, you would be right. There is one, but not what you think. All you have to do is help run the bookshop downstairs during your stay! This is what all us bibliophiles have been waiting for!


And this bookshop could not be in a more idyllic location. Wigtown is considered to be Scotland’s National Book Town so you will not be in bad company. The Open Book is offering a one of a kind experience, but don’t think you’ll be thrown into the bookshop on your own devices. A team of volunteers and booksellers will be there to assist you!

To find out more about this holiday accommodation, visit the Open Book Airbnb Listing

A BuzzFeed staff writer also wrote about his experience running the Open Book on holiday.


Wigtown Book Festival


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