Poem: Ideal


The fire, crackling and popping

Amber colors, dancing through the night

The room is filled with warmth and light

The calmness of it all

Gets me through the dark

The dark blue sky

A canvas painting through the window

The stars,waltzing through the sky

Occasionally winking at me

Saying, “Tranquility is your friend tonight.”

Books piled armrest high

Their aroma warms me like a cocoon

Excitement builds

My body has the chills

Imagine the new worlds I’ll explore

By the time the clock strikes 12


The tea, my very best friend

The only company I ever need

Most will revel, party hard until it stops

The cold brisk air will be keeping them company tonight


But what more can one ask for

When a fire, books and tea

A cottage

A brisk December night

Is all that makes this ending year

So Ideal

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