Poem: Not That You’ve Gone

Little squeak

Little scuffles against the mat

Paws climbing, just for a glimpse

All of these joyful sounds

Greeted me at the end of the day

My heart, touched by your eyes

Love at first sight

Became so much clear

My love was infinite

My soul, more complete

Life seemed so much brighter

My darkest day

My loneliest hour

Immediately dazzled

As I looked upon your face


The pain to much

My grief stifles me

Still expect to find you

Hiding in your favorite spot

Your empty cage

Haunting reminder of what once was


I miss you

Your hugs

Your snuggles

Nose sticking up in the air

You were my treasure

My home

My world


You don’t know what you have

You don’t realize what is precious

Now that you’ve gone

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For Lizzy, the best pet I could ever had


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