A Booklover’s Thankful List

A booklover is thankful for:

books libraries GIF


Where else would our huge amounts of books go?



Because “dog earring” a page is just wrong.



Where we can get as many books we want…for FREE!


alexis bledel books GIF


Because where else are we going to spend all of our money?


Hot Beverages (Preferably Tea)

tea relaxing GIF

Our faithful companion with every good read.



Parks and Benches

Our little peace of heaven



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reading Nooks

Our very own fortress of solitude (Courtesy of Architecture & Design)



Fellow Book Lovers

Thankful to have that friend (or friends) who’s crazy about books like you are





Say what you want but these nifty devices allowed to carry 100 of books at one time…a book lover’s dream come true.


Learning Open The Book Nightlight Table Lamp Reed

Book Lights

The handy tool that makes bedtime reading a lot more fun.


books GIF

And of course…books

Because where we be without them?


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