A To-Do List For Fall


Fall is here! I love Autumn. The brisk air, the beautiful colors…there are just so many things to love about the fall. There is just something about the season that brings a new change in all of us. And with new change, comes with new activities. Looking for ways to celebrate this yummy season? Keep yourself busy with these great fall activities:



Take a Walk

There is nothing better than rejuvenating the soul by taking a walk outdoors. Enjoy the beautiful colors and take in the breathtaking scenery. The temperatures are cooler so walks will be more enjoyable!


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Read Outside

There is just something wonderful about reading outside. It’s even better when the temperature is cooler. So get your comfiest sweater, your favorite hot beverage, and your next fall read and enjoy!


Go Apple Picking

Fall is not complete with a trip to an apple orchard. Pick apples to make an apple pie or apple cider, the world is your oyster!


Attend Fairs or Street Festivals

With cooler temperatures, Fall is the perfect time to go to street festivals. And this season is perfect for it since fall is the start of Oktoberfest! I went to a couple Oktoberfest festivals and they were great!


Halloween Activities

I never used to like Halloween when I was a kid but now that I am older, I have embraced the spookiness of the holiday. You should too for the fall season! Carve pumpkins, visit a pumpkin patch, visit a haunted house…Halloween gives you so many fall activities. If you live in New York State, I suggest taking a visit to Sleepy Hollow. The quaint village has bustle of diverse activities, including a haunted hayride.


Discover a New Activity

Maybe you are the type of person who is not fond of the cooler temperatures. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the season! Now is the time of change, so why not take this opportunity to discover something new about yourself? Take up knitting, sign up for a painting class, do some arts and crafts…you will be amazed what you will discover about yourself in a new season.

Credit: Country Living Magazine


Go On a Picnic

I always want to do this. Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to do it this year. I think fall picnics are calming and honestly, much better than summer ones. Gather all your favorite foods and snacks and venture out to your favorite park!




For more ideas of what you can do for the fall, here is a checklist that was discovered on Pinterest:


What are your favorite activities to do in the fall?

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