Ten Best Film/TV Austen Adaptations

Jane Austen has such a profound effect on popular culture, more than any other author. Hollywood loves adapting her books and we, the viewers, just can’t get enough of them. Although this is day is the anniversary of Austen’s death, let us not think of the bad but about the great things that would not exist without her writings. Last week, we talked about book adaptations, now we are talking about film/TV adaptations. Here are, what I think, the best Austen adaptations on film or TV:


Pride and Prejudice (1995)

Starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth

The BEST adaptation of all time! I can watch this one everyday and it still gives me joys!


Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Starring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet

Although some things were changed in this adaptation, this one was beautifully done. It was engaging and enlightening just like the novel.


Sense and Sensibility (2008)

Starring Hattie Morahan and Charity Wakefield

You might not have thought it was necessary to do another adaptation  Sense and Sensibility but this one is just as good! The sister relationship is highlighted really well here and you get a chance to see Elinor’s pain. And a plus, it is made by the same man who did the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice.


Emma (2009)

Starring Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller

I love the actress who portrays Emma. She really got Emma’s characteristics and attributes spot on. The chemistry between Emma and Knightley also makes for some interesting viewing.


Emma (1996)

Starring Kate Beckinsale and Mark Strong

This was my first Emma adaptation and I was introduced to Kate Beckinsale’s acting expertise. This considered to be the best adaptation of Emma and wholeheartedly agree, much better than the feature film.


Starring Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd

Reminisce about the 90’s with the delightful classic teen movie. For adapting a story from the 18th century to the present day, it was done really well and never gets boring during the rewatching.



Bride and Prejudice

Starring Aishwarya Rai and Martin Henderson

A Bollywood version that involves great singing and dancing? You can’t ask for anything better than that!



Mansfield Park (1999)

Starring Frances O’Connor and Jonny Lee Miller

Mansfield Park has always been a difficult novel to adapt to the screen but I believe this version is the far better adaptation, even if it change some things around such as incorporating Austen related life events in Fanny Price’s character.



Love and Friendship

Starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny

Kate Beckinsale is back in another Austen adaptation and she doesn’t disappoint! She portrays Lady Susan beautifully and this adaptation was so entertaining that you will be surprised that it was just a novella.



Death Comes to Pemberley

Starring Matthew Rhys and Anna Maxwell Martin

This may not necessarily be an adaptation of an Austen novel (book by P.D. James) but that doesn’t stop it from being another entertaining Austen-related story. The chemistry between Elizabeth and Darcy is electrifying (as it should be).

What is your favorite Austen adaptation?




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4 thoughts on “Ten Best Film/TV Austen Adaptations

  1. Good choices. I know it’s not popular but I like the 1996 film version of Emma. Gwyneth Paltrow seems very Emma-ish to me!

    I like Bridget Jones’ Diary as a Pride and Prejudice adaptation.

    The 1995 Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility are favorites of mine. So is Clueless. I also liked Death Comes to Pemberley more than I expected to.

    Does The Jane Austen Book Club count? I liked that it explored why and how her work has impact on contemporary American women.

  2. I pretty much enjoy every Austen adaptation, but I do have some favorites. I love both the 1995 and the 2005 Pride and Prejudice adaptations for different reasons.

    I also love the Emma Thompson Sense and Sensibility, the 2007 Northanger Abbey, and the 2009 Emma. Bridget Jones’s Diary, Austenland, and Lost in Austen are contemporary adaptations that always make me laugh.

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