Calling All Austen Characters! Recasting “The Avengers”

BookRiot compiled a list of Austen characters that would be perfect candidates for recasting the film The Avengers. Some pairings I agree with. Others I feel there is a more “suitable match” so I came up with a different one.

tony emma

Iron Man/Tony Stark – Emma Woodhouse

Both are handsome. Both are clever. Both are rich. Both are arrogant. Emma and Iron Man have characteristics that you clearly despise but make it so hard to not like them. Although their actions may sometimes be reckless with their actions, it comes from a good heart. Emma would be the leader of the Austen Avengers. Well, in her mind only.

Thor– Marianne Dashwood

The author of the original article named Jane Bennet as Thor’s equal. But I think I’m going to go with one of the commentator’s suggestion: Marianne Dashwood. Both are fiery and passionate and both leads with their hearts and not their heads. So I feel Marianne would be a perfect candidate. And just think, if Marianne had that big hammer, Willoughby would have though twice before spurning her affections.

bruce elinor

The Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner – Elinor Dashwood

Intelligent, clever, logical…and when they are passionate about something stand back! But with their cautious attitudes, they are both valuable assets to the team.

steve anne

Captain America/Steve Rogers – Anne Elliot

I think the author responded to this nicely:

Who better to play the man out of time than the woman who fears her time has passed? They’re equally sensitive, earnest and wistful, and cool under pressure, and both characters and their respective films/book are sentimental fan favourites. And like Emma/Tony, their romantic lives parallel nicely. Both remain hopelessly, touchingly loyal to the first love – a dashing officer – they fear they’ve lost for good.”

Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff-Frank Churchill

Originally it was Henry Tilney. But I don’t know, I feel that Frank Churchill is a better fit. Both are flirtatious, charming, and can manipulate people for the ends to justify the means.

Hawkeye/Clint Barton-Fanny Price
Now, the author claims that nobody cares about Hawkeye and gave the dubious honor to Mary Bennet for being supposedly being his equal. Although Hawkeye may not be as popular compared to Iron Man or Thor, I think his talents are far superior compared to Mary Bennet’s. So I’m giving this honor to Fanny Price, the forgotten Austen heroine. Maybe quiet and unseen but definitely brings useful skills and characteristics to the team.

nick fury elizabeth

Nick Fury – Lizzie Bennet

I don’t think have to justify anything here. I think I let Lizzie do all the talking.

So what do you think? What character would be in your Austen Avengers team?

If your interested in reading more, check out the original article:

Dreamcasting The Avengers … with Jane Austen Characters

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