Weekly Tea Discussion: Frustrations at Work


Usually with my weekly tea discussion, I like to discuss book related topics and don’t worry, that has not change. But just recently, something has occurred to cause me to vent at an alarming rate. I know I have complained about my job lately and I apologize in advance if you are sick of hearing about it. But this is one of those things once I get down on paper (or in blog form in our case)  and hopefully (but not likely) my frustrations will dissipate.

So instead of giving a long-winded account of what happen, I thought “why not just jot down all the things that continuously piss me off?” It might be funny, it might be hurtful, but for some odd reason, it will make me feel better that it is out there. So here it is, the list of incompetent happenings that unfortunately happen at my job:

Crazy Ex-GIFs angry frustrated mood frustration GIF

  • When your library acts more like a corporation than a public library that serves, you know, public
  • You constantly question your library’s vision
  • A group of librarians have a great idea and tried to bring to fruition but constantly have condescending, self-righteous department heads who never interact with the public and look down on you and your ideas (I actually said this statement lightly because I don’t like cursing on my site)
  • Your superiors claim that library services are for everyone but funding tells a different story
  • They claim everyone is equal but favor one age group over another, especially when dispersing of funds comes into play
  • Pro: There is no accountability and you are free to do what you want. Con: There is no accountability and of course, chaos will occur.
  • When your superiors come up with an initiative with no action plan, you not only question your job, you start questioning their position as well.


 frustration GIF

  • The ones who are incompetent are usually the ones who make more money than you
  • Your supervisor’s supervisor claims that his or her door is always open and you can contact them for any questions you may have…when you do, you get in trouble for not going to your supervisor first
  • A crappy union…there I said it.
  • When a huge chunk of your job rarely deals with books or reading
  • A supervisor who cannot do your schedule correctly and constantly manages to screw you over in the long run
  • The inconsistent work hours
  • Departments not communicating with one another…and you dealing with the brunt of it
  • They tell you your works matters but you are still little fish in a big pond and you are constantly overlooked

I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you. The worst part of this that the workers are not only ones who end up hurting, the patrons suffer as well. If the workers are not happy, then how can serve the public at the best of our ability. Some say that there is no point, this is just how the system is but I say I will continue writing about these issues until  a change occurs. It is said that millennials are bringing new life into the workforce. How can that be possible if the work ethic continues to move at same pace?

I thank you for listening to my rant. Actually, I feel a lot better…that is until Monday morning comes and I have to deal with it all over again.

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