Pride and Prejudice (1995): 20 Years

It is a truth universally acknowledged that twenty years ago today, the best adaptation of not only my favorite novel, but the best book adaptation ever, first premiered on television on the BBC. To celebrate, let me list some of my favorite scenes from this great adaptation:

Darcy and Elizabeth’s First Interaction:

Darcy and Elizabeth’s First Dance

Everything was said in that dance and with so little words…

Darcy’s First Proposal

It may not been the best way to propose to someone but it was still a great scene. You can just feel Darcy’s love for Elizabeth.

The infamous lake scene 🙂

New Perceptions

And the amazing marriage proposal to top it off 🙂

If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. Yes it is six hours but it will be the best six hours of your life.

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