Jane Austen’s Life To Be Turned Into a Romantic Comedy


Well, not really anyway.

It has just been announced that a dramatization of Jane Austen’s life will be made into a romantic film titled Jane By The Sea, based on the novel by Carolyn V. Murray. Here is more from The Guardian:

The romantic comedy, which is being pushed forward by Voltage Pictures, will examine the important relationships in Austen’s life and how they influenced her major works. According to the Tracking Board, the film will be a combination of scenes from the author’s life and her books.

It will also be scripted by author Murray, whose novel came out in July. No director or stars have been attached yet.”

This will be a nice addition since there has been only one other film that has attempted to dramatizes Jane Austen’s life, the 2007 film Becoming Jane starring Anne Hathaway.

There is also an upcoming romantic film titled Love and Friendship, starring Kate Beckinsale. It is based on the funny epistolary novel, Lady Susan. No released date has been announced but it began filming in February.

If you like to know more about Jane By The Sea, click on the Goodreads link below.

Jane by the Sea: Jane Austen's Love Story

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

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