On Vacation

Hi, all!

I’ll be on vacation from tomorrow July 30 to August 14. I’ll have very little or no internet access for these two weeks, so that means you’ll see very little updates coming from me. I’ve scheduled my “Quote of the Day” for the next two weeks so don’t fret, you’ll continue to get your daily dose of “bookish”quotes. But, that means there’ll be:

  • No Weekly Tea Discussions (except for this week. I’m going to try to finish it but I can’t make any promises)
  • No Bestsellers List
  • No “Top Ten Tuesdays” (except for one. I am going to schedule the post for a particular topic I want to do)

If you haven’t recently looked at my book review policy, I am not accepting any book review requests until September 1. If you send me an email to review a book after that date, you won’t receive a response until I get back.

No vacation will be complete without any books so of course I’m bringing enough books to keep myself entertained. So expect a boatload of book reviews when I get back!

Happy reading!

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