Day 28: London



I would read in books and history books from school about the rich culture of London. From then on, I always wanted to visit it. And when I got that chance the summer before my senior year, as soon as I stepped off the plane, I fell in love. I just felt right at home. Since I grew up and live in New York City, some people are bewildered with my wish to move to London, when it is a major city like New York. Although they are both major cities, that is the only connection they have between them. London is full of culture and history in my opinion fails comparison to New York. And Londoners, I know you have criticisms about the Underground. Try riding New York City Transit for a while and you’ll think the Tube is a godsend.

So I would like to move to London one day. Anywhere in the UK if being truthful. But it is so expensive to move right now. So I have to settle with visiting right now.

This is Day 28 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge

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