Day 23: 10 Things I Miss

1. I miss the vast amount of independent bookstores in the city.
Coliseum Books (Closed since 2007)

2. Peeps all year round.

3. I miss the “original” Strongbow, not this sweetened Americanized Strongbow they’re pushing on us.

4. Movie tickets costing $5.00 or $.6.00.

5. I miss when classic books were at a decent price, like those Bantam Classic Books


6. I miss London.


7. I miss not having to worry about taxes…or bills…or anything about being an adult.

stephen colbert animated GIF

8. I miss Smallville

smallville animated GIF

9. Oddly enough, sometimes I miss college.
Hunter College

10. I miss my grandma.

My grandmother (left) and my cousin Rhonda (right)


.This is Day 23 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

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