Day 20: Ten Fears of a Book Lover

1. Your carrying your book around and didn’t notice that you water bottle was leaking.

2015-04-21 21.14.37

2. You lend a book to your friend and never getting it back.

3. Worse, you get the book and its in worse condition than it was before.

4. You forgot your book at home and you’re going on a train…or a bus, or a plane.

frustrated animated GIF

5. Your book is close to falling apart because you read it so many times.

6. Eating anywhere near your book, especially if it’s your favorite.

7.Hearing that there will be a Hollywood adaptation of your favorite novel.

upset animated GIF

8. Your favorite author delays their upcoming book in a series.

work animated GIF

9. The nightlight goes out by your nightstand and you don’t have an extra light bulb.


10. You ran out of tea.

sad animated GIF

This is Day 20 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

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