Day 10: Shuffle Play

Wow! I made it to day 10! I’m really enjoying these challenges. It’s really bringing out my creative and opinionated side. Well, here we go. Here are the ten songs I played on shuffle on media player and like I said before, I like a variety of music:

  1. This How We Roll (Feat. Luke Bryan)-Florida Georgia Line

2.    Shake up the Party-Joy Enriquez

3.     Goodbye Gone-Lucy Hale

4.   Take You High-Kelly Clarkson

5. Fergalicious-Fergie

6. We Are Water-Hayden Panettiere

7. Better Left Unsaid-Ariana  Grande

8. Kissed You (Good Night)-Gloriana

9. Mean-Taylor Swift

10. Somewhere Love Remains-Lady Antebellum


This is Day 10 of the 30 Writing Challenge

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