NYC Libraries Open Less Compared to others in NY state


According to a report, conducted by the Center For an Urban Future, the city’s public libraries are opened only 46 hours each week, compared to libraries in Nassau County and Suffolk County with 64 hours each week and Rockland County with 60 hours per week.

Only 3% of NYC libraries are opened seven days a week, which is a disappointing figure compared to 90% of Suffolk County’s libraries. And hits just keep coming. Compared to the 10 largest cities in the US, we also ranked seventh in fewest hours of service, San Jose ranking last.

Including a damaging report of NYC public libraries are needed of desperate repair, NYC and NYS governments really need to step up. If they want to ensure public libraries’ future in the coming generations, they need to be more than willing to provide additional funding. And the Center For an Urban Future couldn’t say it better:

Library service hours are an enormously important barometer of their effectiveness. When libraries have to close early in the evening and on the weekends, fewer working families are able to take advantage of their resources, including not just books but classes and workshops. As Mayor de Blasio and the City Council negotiate a new budget, bringing the city’s library hours more in line with their peers across the state and country should be a high priority.”

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