Day 7: 5 Worst Pet Peeves

1. Books out-of-order: Not in any type of order. I can condone ordering them up by size, or even color. But just placing them on the shelf. I consider that a travesty.

2. Messiness: I feel claustrophobic when I’m in messy place. Either I have to clean it up or just stand in the corner, trying not to touch anything.

3. People who pop their gum and chew it loudly: For someone who doesn’t like to chew gum, can someone explain to me why do people do this? Why do they think it is necessary to click and pop their gum and chew it so loudly so everyone knows they have gum? Sometimes I just want to punch them.

4. Walking too slowly: I think this is a peeve because I am a New Yorker and everything in the city needs to be fast. But it’s annoying that the person is walking because they can’t manage to life their head away from their phones.

5. Having loud conservation, whether it’s with a person there or on a cell phone: Here you are trying to enjoy a peaceful ride home from work, whether you are on the train or the bus, and there are either two loud-mouths who feel the entire train or bus need to hear their conversation or one loud mouth on a cell phone who has yet to realize he or she doesn’t have to yell into the cell phone.

This is Day 7 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

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