Day 5: Things I would say…

Today’s challenge states “Things you would say to your ex.” Since I never had a serious relationship that would entitle me to have an ex, I decided to tweak this particular challenge from discussing exes to friends.

We’ve all been there. We’ve had friends that enter and exit your life. And it is common. As you grow older, you may not have the same interests now compare to what you had in the past. But I’m talking about those friends. The friends that caused huge amount of stress in your life. The friends who didn’t really treat you properly. The so-called friends who are supposed to give you highs but manage to bring you to the deepest of the lows. I had those type of friends. And I have one thing to say to them.

Thank you.

Thank you for treating me like crap. Thank you for never taking my feelings into consideration. Thank you for not respecting me enough to tell me the truth. Thank you for trying to make me feel guilty for revealing my true feelings about our so-called friendship.

I will always treasure the memories we had together. But without your action towards me, I wouldn’t be the strong, confident, independent woman you see before you today. Most importantly…

I’ve found true friends who I truly love.

So again, thank you.

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