#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Update: Week One

Tell us a little about your library (include a picture if you can!).”

Image of Baychester Library

I forgot about this!

I currently live in New York City so I have the New York Public Library system and its 87 branches at have helped me with my needs. When you were in elementary school, it was a rite of passage when they took you to the local public library branch and sign you up for your first library card.

I’m not saying the NYPL library system is not perfect. But with budget cuts and shortening of library hours, NYPL has endured all these years. It was very important, especially when I graduated from college. I graduated in 2009, after the economic crash, and valued the resources that were provided. It took me a long time to get a job so I didn’t have money to purchase books and go to the movies. But my library changed all that. I borrowed books at higher rate and “I’ll wait until the DVD comes out” takes a whole new meaning.

Image of Baychester Library

The two pictures above are pictures of Baychester Regional Branch, the one in my neighborhood, the Bronx.

This is the main branch of the New York Public Libray on West 42nd street and 5th ave.

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