Day 1: Five Ways to Win My Heart


  1. Have a sense of humor

I find having a sense of humor very attractive. I want someone who can make me laugh, even on my darkest day. I want someone who can appreciate my laugh (I tend to have loud laugh) and at the same time not make fun of it.

 2.  Read a lot

My life is books. My passion for books knows no boundaries.So I would hope that the man that I am with has the same love for reading like I do. We can have different tastes in books (our conversations would be more interesting if they were)  but has to go beyond statements like “I’ll watch the movie instead.” That is a deal breaker for me.

 3.  Understand I’m emotional

There will be times I’ll be moody. I may lash out at you. There will definitely be times I withdraw from the world and need a little space. That does not mean I don’t care but that doesn’t give you the right to disregard my feelings and label me as a “woman just being emotional” (I HATE it when guys say things like that). Take my feelings into consideration and give me time. These feelings will ride themselves out.

 4.  Close to family

Although, my family is crazy, they’re my crazy family and love them more than anything else in the world. My family is a part of me, so if you love you have to love my family. My family always holds a special place in my heart and nothing else will change that.

 5.  Overall, a nice and honest person

Simpler terms: don’t be a jackass. Be kind and sweet to not only me, but everyone around you. Also, don’t lie to me. I find dishonesty cowardly and disrespecful. If you can’t tell me the truth, you don’t respect not only me, but have little resepct for yourself.

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