Short-lived impressions: A review of “First Impressions: A Novel of Old Books, Unexpected Love, and Jane Austen

(NOTE: I read and reviewed this book in December 2014 on Goodreads. Don’t worry I will post future book reviews but I just wanted to test my “Book reviews” page.)

I thought that this having the Jane Austen aspect it would make this book more interesting and a huge improvement from his last novel. Although it was a little better than The Bookman’s Tale, the same inconsistencies still remained. I just could not connect with the main character. Sometimes I just really wanted to slap her. And the love triangle? An unnecessary plot device. I get that your trying to incorporate some of Austen’s novels into the story but hearing Sophie whine about choosing between two guys when her life and her family’s life are supposedly in danger. The ending? It felt so rushed. You’re waiting to hear the reason why is all this is occurring and the reasons(which was ridiculous by the way) just zip by you before you even in blink. Also if you are going to incorporate facts about a real author, try to keep them accurate and straight. Austen never titled “Persuasion”. She died before she got the chance. Her brother Henry titled the novel after reading it and published it posthumously.

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